Leckie Pork

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Our 300 acre family farm is home to a small number of outdoor reared pigs. The sows are bred from heritage breeds famed for flavour - Tamworths and Gloucester Old Spots. As with other meats, the taste is all about the fat, and our pork is well known for its amazing flavour and crackling like your granny used to make.

Our pigs are given time to naturally grow, fed on wheat from on our neighbouring farm mixed with whey from Strathearn Cheese Co – an award winning local cheesemaker. Good food, good grass and woodland pens enhance the taste of their meat, as does the expert butchery of our local butcher, Skinners of Kippen.

Order week to week from our freezers for home delivery and on-farm collection or stock up your own freezer with one of our 1/2 or 1/4 side chilled Meat Box (available to customers UK wide).