Leckie Lamb 1/2 Box


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Sheep are amazing. They grow naturally on our lush grass and turn it into tasty nutritious protein that we can eat. Versatile and packed with flavour - how do you cook yours? Born, reared and finished here at Old Leckie and expertly butchered by Skinners of Kippen.
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Leckie Lamb boxes - approx 8kg
  • Leg of Lamb
  • Double Loin chops
  • Rack of Lamb
  • Rolled Shoulder
  • Chump Chops
  • Shank
  • Diced lamb
  • Lamb burgers
About our lamb

Our 300 acre family farm is home to 500 prime Llyen and Texel Ewes. Our breeding ladies lamb in April before rearing their lambs through the long summer days. At Old Leckie we value the quality of our grass pastures, maximising the use of natural fertilisers and rotating our sheep onto the best, freshest grass. Slow growing, and respectfully reared grass fed Leckie Lamb has a depth of flavour, excellent texture and is also healthier on the environment too. The quality of what our animals eat enhances the taste of their meat, as does the expert butchery of our local butcher, Skinner of Kippen.

Our lambs are born, reared and finished here at Old Leckie. From farm to fork you know exactly where your meat has come from.