Leckie Layers Free Range Eggs - Monthly (billed every 4 weeks)


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Your order must be submitted by 7.30am on your day of delivery. Check here to find out your delivery day.

 It's easy to set up a regular monthly delivery:

1) Choose size: Medium /Large / Very Large

2) Select quantity: 1 = a box of 6 eggs, so for 12 eggs choose 2, for 18 choose 3 etc.

3) Add to cart and checkout. Payment will automatically be taken, in advance, every 4 weeks. 

4) Relax and enjoy! All future payments will be taken every 4 weeks, automatically.  We will deliver your eggs every week without you needing to do anything else... 


What if I want to reduce my order, get extra eggs or cancel?

If you need extra eggs you can either a) adjust your repeat order to increase quantity from the next 4 week payment cycle, or b) order and pay for extra via the main shop page.

If you want to reduce or cancel your order then you can either a) adjust or cancel in advance for the next 4 weekly payment period, or b) email Alison at eggs@oldleckie.co.uk to adjust or cancel your order immediately and refund you for any eggs not to be delivered in that 4 week cycle. 

Grade A eggs. Keep refrigerated or store in a cool place. Eggs are best before 28 days from their date of lay.

From January - March 2024 we are changing over our hen flocks.  Corrie Mains Eggs are an award winning family egg producer, based in Ayrshire. They have a great set up and similar quality and, as in previous years, are able to provide an alternate supply over this changeover period. So from now until March and our new hens are laying it will be their eggs in our boxes.  Without this partnership we would need to operate a third house and essentially over produce eggs all year round to deal with this short changeover period. So with our low waste policy it works great for us, and we thank you for your patience and support as we welcome our new hens.